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Max Miranda


Hey, my name is Max Miranda, and I’m a dog-lover who is conveniently allergic to dogs.

I’m also a student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science & Business Administration, and I graduate in the year 2020.

I built this website to display my ability to take on serious software development roles.


  • Mobile Developers of Berkeley is an on-campus organization at UC Berkeley dedicated to making mobile applications for Android and iOS.

  • In my first semester in MDB, I was part of the new-members' iOS training program: learning Swift & XCode through projects like a trivia quiz app, a Pokedex app, social media platform.

  • By the end of my first semester, I had created and released my first app to the iOS App Store, Meet-Me, a scheduling app that queries a user's Google Calendar to find meeting times among friends.

  • In my second semester I was named the Lead iOS Instructor for the new-members training course, in charge of developing the curriculum including exams, demos, projects and videos.

  • I worked as a Software Development / Product Management Intern at Utility from May to August of 2017. The company is a web/app development firm in New York City, and the first table is my desk.

  • I created several pages on UrLife Media’s website that were used to present to different prospective clients (including Royal Caribbean). The webpages were developed using PHP.

  • Worked on UX/UI design for an app featured on Shark Tank, Toor. Worked alongside a graphic designer and used InVision as well as Sketch to create the designs.

  • I product managed A$AP Ferg’s new cross-platform game, Strive & Prosper. I created user stories and timetables in order to take the app from a prototype into a fully functioning game.

  • I worked in correspondence with one of the executives at MyMoneyWorkshop in order to fix bugs and design errors with their Wordpress website.

  • Worked on quality assurance for a re-release of “Lil’ Wayne Sqvad Up” a game with almost half a million installs.



I developed Omada alongside Robert Iancu, Jeremy Barenholtz, and Daniel Andrews. Omada is a platform for groups to invest in stocks together. The project won the Best Use of Blackrock's API at CalHacks in October 2017.

We used API calls to NASDAQ to get stock prices and API calls to Blackrock to get analysis of stock performance.

The website was drafted first in the UI design tool Sketch, then developed with PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python through MongoDB.


I implemented a smaller version of the omnipresent file version control system, Git (hence, Git-let). With Gitlet, one can initialize a gitlet repository, stage files for a commit, make a commit, display a log of commits, create a new branch, merge separate branches, and more.

Each file is stored in a hidden file within the directory (similar to the actual Git), and each file is stored under the name of it’s Hash value. The program makes use of HashMaps to map any document’s name onto the ID of it’s SHA-1 hash key value.

Credit to Professor Paul Hilfinger for a set of base utility functions.


For this project I built a relational database management tool (similar to MySQL). It is capable of creating a table, selecting columns of a table, loading a table in the form of a CSV, writing it into a CSV, and printing it out onto the command line.

The project was written in Java.


On a cruise in international waters, I decided I desperately needed to learn the rules of Blackjack. I looked on the Internet for simulators that are also trainers, but I couldn’t find one.

So, I created my own. The program tells you when you’ve made a mistake, and it lets you know what move you should’ve made. The "best possible move" is the one that statistically gives you the best odds of beating the dealer based on availabile information (strategy attained from

The program also keeps a running total of the number of hands you’ve won, and the total amount of money you’ve won.


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